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How to pay your Realtor in Firewood

Filed in Prescott, AZ Real Estate by on May 11, 2016 0 Comments • views: 384
Firewood Commission

Firewood Commission


Some people think Realtors get paid too much. This is not always the case. 


The Conners Team just closed a difficult transaction where the amount the seller owed to the bank did not leave enough money for both the buyer’s agent and the listing agent to get paid. So as the listing agent, we did what was best for our client. We made sure the buyer’s agent got paid, and then we offered to complete this transaction pro bono. Well to be completely accurate, almost for free. We did in fact collect a modest fee of nearly one half of a cord of good firewood. Not bad for nine months of work right? Well, its important to keep in mind who we are working for. Our client really needed to sell this property. So we did what was best for the client. 


In the end, we have a happy buyer and a happy seller. We did our good deed for the day, and probably caused our broker some headaches:) Our goal is to have happy clients, regardless of how it works out for us. Our priorities are efficiency, and building relationships. If you have some extra firewood and need to sell your house, give us a call:)

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