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Your Prescott Arizona Listing Just Expired, Now What?

Filed in Prescott, AZ Real Estate by on April 25, 2014 0 Comments • views: 627


 Danger in real estate

Not every home on the market will sell, especially in a buyers market. Today its easier than ever for buyers to use the Internet to filter through the homes available in their preferred areas and price range to filter out all but the best deals. Its really important to understand exactly which factors kept your home from receiving offers. Do you feel like your listing agent was completely honest with you about why your house didn’t sell?


Lets go over the most common reasons your house didn’t sell.

1. Did your agent use a professional photographer? Nearly all buyers start a home search online by eliminating homes that don’t great. Did your home get eliminated because of the photos? I have had many buyers who didn’t want to view a bank owned home that I knew was great, just because the photos were poor. The Prescott MLS now allows a maximum of 25 photos, and research shows that agents who use all 25 photos get many more views than those who use only a few photos.

Bad House Photos

2. Price and Condition. Please take a quick look at this great video which clearly explains why only the homes with the best combination of price and condition get shown and get offers.

3. Fatal Flaws. There are many flaws your home might have that must either be fixed, or priced out. Examples include steep driveways, messy neighbors, functional obsolescence, deferred maintenance etc. Did your first listing agent have a talk with you about your pit bull and the garbage piled in your yard? You may want to take a hard look at how your home compares to the competition. One of my favorite tools is to take the seller on a quick tour of the homes they will be competing with.

4. Access. Are there any obstacles to a quick and easy showing for buyers to look at your house? Did your first agent ask you to leave the house during showings and take any dogs with you? Did you have a lockbox, yard sign and flyers in the box? Do you have an alarm system, or a special lock system that requires a PhD and 90 hours of training to operate? Is your house rented?

5. Exposure. How many different websites does your house appear on? Does your first listing agent use Craigslist,, Postlets, a personal website. Did she blog about your house? Does she use syndicated websites that spread your listing to over 100 different websites? Is your flyer box empty?Expired Listing

There are many many factors that effect the number of showings your house will get, so it makes sense to pick a listing agent who will be completly honest with you about identifying these factors and solving any problems at the beginning of the listing. When I am the second (or even the third) agent who lists a house I am a detective and problem solver who gets the job done right.


Dave Conners enjoys finding new ways to help his clients meet their real estate needs.



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